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1831 Minnehaha Avenue East
Greater East Side, MN, 55119


Church Council

Church Council

The Church Council is the policy making body and watches over the general interests of the Church. It also serves as an advisory body endeavoring to promote the general efficiency of the Church, its affairs, boards, committees, and organizations, assisting in the planning of their programs and coordinating their efforts and activities. The Council makes recommendations to the Church regarding adjustments in policy or administration. The Council is made up of representatives of individual boards of the church. 

The Church Council consists of the following members, including Pastor and Pastoral Intern:

Trustees Representative - Robert Mensen
Outreach Representative - Jean Verby
Diaconate Representative - Vickie Mensen

Moderator - Mary Russell
                                      Church Clerk - Dee Dee Heffernan
                                      Faith Formation Representative - Bonnie Ask

If you have any questions or concerns for the church council, please contact the Moderator, Mary Russell at